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Injury and surgery can come when you least expect it. If your surgery was unexpected, this might mean that you are unprepared.


Suddenly, you aren’t able to complete normal tasks. This can put you and your loved ones in a difficult situation. If you find yourself in a similar dilemma, call us for the help you need.

ElderCare Services provides assistance

to people of all ages who have had cosmetic or other surgery, or are recovering from an illness or injury.


Whether you have sustained an injury that limits your mobility or are recovering from serious surgery, ElderCare Services will provide you with the care you need.

Services you probably didn't know we offer.

Receive only personalized services.


Let us help you through this uncomfortable time

We provide a wide range of services that includes personal care, preparing meals, light housekeeping, and ensuring that you or your loved one are well cared for during your recovery.

We provide a wide range of services

You staying safe and comfortable is our highest priority. While we know that it can be hard to take care of two or three things at once, that's what we are here for. Take advantage of our ability and desire to help you.

Stay safe and comfortable

You may need our help while you or a loved one are recovering from hip, knee, foot,

shoulder or heart surgery. We can provide up to around-the-clock care.


Or, if you're having an out-patient procedure, such as cosmetic, dental or cataract surgery, or an endoscopy or colonoscopy, we can drive you to the hospital or surgical center, stay until you are discharged, drive you home and help you at home, whether it's for a few hours or a few days.

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